Saturday 26 February 2011

Avian Starseeker

I decided to get a bit more aperture for the short focus imaging scope. So I've ordered an Avian Starseeker from Ace Cameras. This is a 100mm F6 ED Doublet Refractor and it has got some good reviews.

When I get it I'll take some pics and do a review of it for the website and the blog.

Compared to the WO Megrez 80II FD, I'll get about 1.56x light grasp and 1.25x better resolution. The focal length is 600mm as opposed to 555mm so the image scale will be slightly larger (i.e. it will give a smaller field of view), but I'm expecting the images to be much the same sort of view.

Also at F6 instead of F6.9 it is a faster scope, so I should record relatively more photons in a given time.

Will need some clear night though.



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