Friday 3 November 2023

Friday 3rd November 2023, New Images

 I've done some lunar imaging with the new setup on 29th October. Got some nice shots of the one day old (one day past full moon) terminator in the East. Libration was very favourable so this image includes Mare Australe at the bottom right.

More images on the website!



Friday 4 August 2023

 Some big changes are happening at Cymbeline Observatory.

First off, I bought a second hand 2.2m Pulsar Observatory which started me off with deciding to dismantle the current observatory and sell as much as I could. Well, that worked - in quick order I sold imaging equipment, the 12" LX200, some other bits and pieces and more importantly the old observatory structure.

I'm now part way through getting set up again.

Oh and I'm also updating the Cymbeline Observatory website!



Sunday 23 September 2012

The Heart of The Heart

IC1805, The Heart Nebula.

This is a large extended object and is really too large for my field of view without using a focal reducer, so this is really The Heart of The Heart or Melotte 15. This was 10 exposures of 300 seconds in each of RGB filters.
Taken with the Atik383L+ through my Avian Starseeker 100mm ED APO. I Used MaximDL 5.21 to do the imaging and also the guiding with a QHY5 camera snd the telescope guidescope.
MaximDL was also used for the calibration and stacking and the image was post processed in Photoshop CS3.



Sunday 9 September 2012

First Image of the 2012/2013 Season

I tried something different for the first image of the new season.

M13, the Hercules Cluster.

I did this on Friday night, using MaximDL 5 for the guiding (first time I've used it, have been using PHD previously) and image taking.

It is LRGB, 20 off 120 second exposures in each filter, stacked and calibrated in MaximDL 5 and post processed in Photoshop CS3.

Everything worked OK on the evening, so I'm off to a good start.



Summer now over, ready for the new season.

I've upgraded the Observatory PC this summer. It now has Windows 7 instead of Windows XP, so i've been slowly testing everything out to make sure it all still works.

It got a new graphics card, more memory and a new monitor.

I've had to redownload the drivers for a lot of the kit, and the last one was for the LX200 just last week. Now I have the guiding working again I'm in positioin to start imaging for the new season.

Then Virginmedia wanted to upgrade my broadband modem. Once they'd left I'd got a good internet connection, but the wired network in the house and out to the Observatory wasn't working.

I ended up installing a 2nd network card into my PC to provide the internal wired network. Took me a couple of days to sort that one out.

Anyway I'm in business again, so watch here and the website for my latest images.



Sunday 13 November 2011

Soul Nebula in narrowband

I had another go at narrowband imaging on the 28th October. It wasn't a bad night, but I did get one or two interruptions from low cloud. I managed to get started early and got the flats done before 8 p.m.

Three hours later I'd gotten all the data (1 hour in each filter, 12 off 5 minute exposures).

Here's the result,



Sunday 16 October 2011

First foray into Narrow Band imaging

It was clear last night, but there was a bright moon washing out the sky. So I decided to have a go at imaging something in narrowband filters (Ha, OIII and SII).

IC1396, The Elephant Trunk Nebula was the chosen target.

This is seven exposures of 480 secs in SII, Ha and OIII. Stacked in Maxim DL5, then processed in CS3 using Bob Franke's techniques as explained here,

My tracking wasn't too good at the high northerly declination so I had to do a gaussian blur to try and get the stars roundish and they have suffered a bit, but for my first go at NB I'm really chuffed.

Atik383L+, through Avian Starseeker 100, piggybacked on 12" LX200 and guided with QHY5 and 50mm finderscope using PHD.



Sunday 4 September 2011

1st September, Comet Garrad and Coathanger

It was clear(ish) for the first time in a long while on Thursday night, so I took the opportunity of imaging Comet Garrad as it a approached the Coathanger (Brocchi's Cluster), the image also captured NGC 6802.

This is stacked from 10 off 60 second exposures in each of RGB filters with Maxim DL. The comet moved considerably in the 40 or so minutes that it took and it's image is streaked.

So, I also made an animation from the individual red frames.

This clearly show the movement.



Tuesday 16 August 2011

Getting ready for the new season.

Well, following the usual break from imaging during the summer I've been getting things ready for the new season.

First up was the addition of a permanent guidescope. The Antares 50mm RACI finder that I was using has been permanantly converted for guiding and mounted on top of the Avian Starseeker. A new antares 50mm RACI finder was purchased for visual use.

Then i sent teh Atik383L+ back to Atik for cleaning. They did a great job and no charge which was a bonus.

At the weekend Cymbeline Observatory got treated to a good hoover and clean up. Got rid of all the summer cobwebs and spiders.

Next to do is get the new finder aligned with the LX200 and the guide scope aligned with the Avian Starseeker. Followed by a bit of drift aligning to get the polar alignment as good as I can.

Then I'll just need some clear nights!



Saturday 6 August 2011

Dawn Mission: News & Events > Image of Vesta Captured by Dawn on July 31, 2011


I’ve been keeping a watch on this site for the Dawn mission for a couple of weeks now. It’s very interesting and real great that NASA are continuing their solar system exploration going.



Dawn Mission: News & Events > Image of Vesta Captured by Dawn on July 31, 2011