Sunday 16 October 2011

First foray into Narrow Band imaging

It was clear last night, but there was a bright moon washing out the sky. So I decided to have a go at imaging something in narrowband filters (Ha, OIII and SII).

IC1396, The Elephant Trunk Nebula was the chosen target.

This is seven exposures of 480 secs in SII, Ha and OIII. Stacked in Maxim DL5, then processed in CS3 using Bob Franke's techniques as explained here,

My tracking wasn't too good at the high northerly declination so I had to do a gaussian blur to try and get the stars roundish and they have suffered a bit, but for my first go at NB I'm really chuffed.

Atik383L+, through Avian Starseeker 100, piggybacked on 12" LX200 and guided with QHY5 and 50mm finderscope using PHD.



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