Tuesday 16 August 2011

Getting ready for the new season.

Well, following the usual break from imaging during the summer I've been getting things ready for the new season.

First up was the addition of a permanent guidescope. The Antares 50mm RACI finder that I was using has been permanantly converted for guiding and mounted on top of the Avian Starseeker. A new antares 50mm RACI finder was purchased for visual use.

Then i sent teh Atik383L+ back to Atik for cleaning. They did a great job and no charge which was a bonus.

At the weekend Cymbeline Observatory got treated to a good hoover and clean up. Got rid of all the summer cobwebs and spiders.

Next to do is get the new finder aligned with the LX200 and the guide scope aligned with the Avian Starseeker. Followed by a bit of drift aligning to get the polar alignment as good as I can.

Then I'll just need some clear nights!



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