Saturday 19 March 2011

Avian Starseeker first light.

Really, this session started out as no more than a quick test of the telescope with the camera.

It wasn't a particularly good night (6th March) so i was just hoping to see what I was going to need in the way of extension tubes to get a good focus with the camera. I put in the 75mm extension tube and pointed the scope to a brightish star (Betelgeuse), and used Maxim to take focus frames while I found the focus.

As it happened that didn't take as long as I was expecting so I decided to have a go at something not too tricky as it was a mediochre night.

So I slewed over to M35 and took 5 off 30 second exposures in each filter followed by 10 flat frames in each filter.

When processed I got this....

...which isn't bad at all, so all in all a successful night and a reasonable first light image.



1 comment:

  1. Exceptionally good shot there Chris - M35 is one of my favourites and I haven't come close to that quality. I'm just about to start test my new guided set up with a Skywatcher Synguider and ST-80 Startravel scope - this will be the benchmark for my efforts I think! :-) Again, well done.