Sunday 1 May 2011

Last one from home before August?

Kind of traditional (well did it last year with the DSLR - and it was my last from home before August).

But this year I'm going to make a special effort to keep going over the summer if I can.

The Leo Triplet. Clockwise from the top, NGC 3268, M65 and M66. One of my favourite groupings and imaged well into the summer galaxy period. I hope to do some others this year.

3 off 8 minute exposures in each filter (LRGB) using the Avian Starseeker 100mm EDO APO. I lost a green exposure to double stars and re-did two of the blue ones because of drift. Guided with PHD, QHY5 and my finderscope. Imaged with Atik383L+ and SXUVW-2S filter wheel fitted with Baader LRGB filters.



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